Star Wars – it doesn’t have to suck.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

OK, watch this:

Yeah, so it is a game trailer.  A game I have no intention of playing – PC MMORPGs don’t work for me.  And the game will look nothing like that.

But that’s not the point.  The point is – isn’t that AWESOME?  And wouldn’t you LOVE to watch that movie?  George Lucas made a point in stating that the Star Wars universe is VERY old.  The Sith have risen and fallen a few times in it’s history.  And it’s oddly stagnant – in games like Knights of the Old Republic (by the guys who made this trailer) things look pretty similar to the universe we know, just sightly off.

If the success of the latest Trek movie has shown us anything it’s that regardless of how stale and weak a franchise has become as long as you give us a great story and a great movie we’ll welcome it with open arms.  I think that’s even *more* true for Star Wars than for any other SciFi franchise.  I didn’t camp out for Star Trek.  I did camp out for Star Wars.

George Lucas wrote and directed Star Wars.  He tried but really couldn’t repeat that success.  The best movie of all 6 is the one where he just provided the story.  And I know it’s his baby and all, but in the right hands I really think he could give us a Star Wars that’s slight different, but perhaps even more awesome than anything we’ve see yet.  This universe he created has so much awesome in it – if he’d just let it out to play.  

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