The current state of affairs…

Yes, the updates are not as frequent as they have been.  Sorry about that.  And I suppose I should write about things other than losing weight.  I’ll see what I can come up with.

Anyway, as of this morning I was at 305lb.  That makes for a total weight loss of 155 pounds.  
I’ve crossed one major milestone having lost over 150 pounds.  And I’m also closing on what may be an even bigger milestone – changing that left most digit from a 3 to a 2.  I honestly can’t remember when that was last true.  It’s some time in my childhood – high school at the latest.  I might have some old weight watchers log at my parent’s house but I’m not going to look too hard for it.  That milestone could happen this week.  Next week at the latest. 
So one annoying thing – the clothes that I had just started to fit back in to are getting too big again.  I suppose it’s a good problem to have, but the fact is that I won’t be replacing them for a while.  I’m going to go through a period of several months where I honestly have nothing to wear but jeans and t-shirts.  I might buy a nice shirt or two if I have to but I’ll try to avoid it.  The goal is to save up money for when I reach goal.  Then I’m gonna go on a shopping spree.  
We’re supposed to throw out our clothes that are too big.  The idea is if you keep them around then if you gain weight you can just “grow back in to them”.  They tell me that the act of having your clothes be too tight and having to shop for bigger clothes might help you get back on track.  That does make sense, but as my mother’s son throwing out anything is rather difficult.  I’m still wearing, on occasion, 5x shirts that are FAR too big.  Even some of the 4x stuff is too big.  It makes it hard to go out on a date if you’re trying to look impressive.
Regardless of what I do I will keep the size 66 jeans that I got for Christmas last year.  When I get to goal I’ll take one of those “look at how fat I used to be” pictures.
I’m also planning on taking my bike to the bike shop and getting it fixed up (if it can be).  I think it’s time to start riding again if my knees will let me.  My hope is to eventually be able to ride to and from work and maybe go riding for fun on the weekends.  I’ll start with my bike from college and if I stay with it I’ll consider something better. 
There’s all the news from the weight loss front.  In the immortal words of Timmay – have fun!

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