HMR update – week 8

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while.  So here’s an update on where things stand.  I’ve now completed 8 weeks on the HMR program.  Here’s where I’m at:
  • The official “on plan” weight loss is 49 pounds.  That’s a bit more than 6 pounds a week.
  • This week, while I was sick, it was a 10 pound loss.  Last week, when I was on vacation, it was a 6 pound loss.
  • The left most number on my scale has changed from a 4 to a 3.
All three of these things are pretty good news.  The diet has been very successful so far.

I’m not really seeing HUGE physical changes yet.  My pants are getting kind of loose and I definitely need to add some holes to my belt. I think my man boobs are shrinking.  Hopefully this weekend I’m going to be digging out some of my older slacks and seeing if they fit enough to be wearable.  I miss my brown corduroys.    
Other than that, I’m about 25% of the way to my goal.  That’s worth celebrating, I think.

Road trips and technology

I returned last week from a road trip to Palm Springs.  This road trip was the first chance I had to play with some technological goodies.

This was my first road trip since getting my amateur radio license (short trips to Sacramento not withstanding) and my Kenwood D710 was an excellent radio on the way.  I had it programed for the WIN Repeater System and had coverage pretty much the whole trip.  I also had several other repeaters programmed in and let the radio scan.  I had several good rag chews along the way.  Also I was very impressed with APRS digipeater coverage – my track was well represented.
The other tool that really impressed me was my iPad 2.  I activated 3G just before I left and it worked well along the way. And then in Palm Springs I had WiFi.  My goal for this trip was to see if I could make it without opening up my laptop up.  I pretty much met that goal.  I *did* use it a couple of times to check on pictures I had taken but it turns out that with the camera connection kit I could use my iPad for that too.  It looks like I might be able to leave my laptop home on my next vacation.  (If I can get over the separation anxiety.)
The last new toy I had with my was my new  Canon 60D.  The only problem with this camera is that I’m still learning how to compose good shots and whatnot…any failure there is strictly operator error.  I shot entirely in RAW format but haven’t played with the pics yet.  This hobby is a bit more complicated than I thought.  

The VX-3R is fly like a G6.

I finally broke down and bought one.

This little sucker has been taunting me every time I go into HRO.  It’s only 1.5 watts but it’s also VERY small and so I don’t have an excuse to not keep it on me.  Which means, I suppose, that I’ll have a radio on me more of the time.  Yeah, that’s sure to make me more cool.

HMR Week 4 – Won’t you take me to…Funkytown?

Another week, another 5 pounds.  That takes it to 25 pounds in 4 weeks.  Can’t really complain about that.

One thing I tried this week was making the HMR cereal as a savory dish.  So instead of water I made it on the stove with chicken stock, cumin, curry, and garlic.  It’s VERY tasty that way.  The cereal with cinnamon and Stevia was ok.  The cereal with the above spices is extremely tasty.  Who would of thought that “savory oatmeal” would end up being tasty?