HMR update – week 8

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while.  So here’s an update on where things stand.  I’ve now completed 8 weeks on the HMR program.  Here’s where I’m at:
  • The official “on plan” weight loss is 49 pounds.  That’s a bit more than 6 pounds a week.
  • This week, while I was sick, it was a 10 pound loss.  Last week, when I was on vacation, it was a 6 pound loss.
  • The left most number on my scale has changed from a 4 to a 3.
All three of these things are pretty good news.  The diet has been very successful so far.

I’m not really seeing HUGE physical changes yet.  My pants are getting kind of loose and I definitely need to add some holes to my belt. I think my man boobs are shrinking.  Hopefully this weekend I’m going to be digging out some of my older slacks and seeing if they fit enough to be wearable.  I miss my brown corduroys.    
Other than that, I’m about 25% of the way to my goal.  That’s worth celebrating, I think.

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