HMR Week 2

Yeah, this is late.  

The good news: On the second week of the diet I was again “in the box” (meaning I didn’t cheat) all 7 days.  I even got in my first workout.
The bad news: I only lost 3 pounds.
Some folks might say “Hey, 3 pounds is good!”  And on a normal diet I would be happy with that.  However this diet isn’t “normal”.  It is supposedly so intense that I’m taking a drug to avoid gallstones because I’m supposed to lose weight so fast.  It’s so hardcore that I need to get blood work done every two weeks.  It’s expensive.  I was expecting better.
And here’s the thing – at 3 pounds a week average I will have to be on the plan an extra 7 months longer than the advertised (and hoped for) 5 pounds per week.  Now maybe that number was unreasonable to hope for but if it the diet ends up performing at a 3 pounds a week rate then that’s only 1 pound a week more than the “safe and sane” 2 pounds a week.  And I’m not sure that’s worth all the sacrifices necessary for this plan (such as having to carry their food with you everywhere, like on vacation).
I haven’t given up yet – I’ve committed to doing at least the “core program” which is 12 weeks.  And I have higher hopes for week 3, as I will have gotten in 3 workouts during the diet week.  (That’s the max I’m willing to do right now until I get more weight off and take stress off my knees.)  We’ll see how it goes.