Movie review: Hancock

So I know what you’re gonna say – John, this movie came out in July.  What are you, slow?  (Uhm.  Maybe.  But that’s a different topic.)  The fact of the matter is that with the advent of Hypergeek Cinema it really is unlikely that I will go out to see a movie.  With Netflix dropping Blu-Ray movies in the mail to me I prefer to wait and see most flicks at home – these days I get better sound, if not better picture.  So most of my “movie reviews” will be rambling thoughts on the last movie I watched from Netflix.

Anyway, on with the show.  A movie like this is why I’m glad I have Netflix – it was a solid *meh*.  I *loved* Will Smith – he was hilarious as a bitter cranky superhero.  I will assume that the scene at the beginning was part of the “unrated” cut, as it finally deal with the impracticalities of Superman and Lois Lane having sex (you can thank Kevin Smith for that one, I guess).   His sense of humor was right on, and you could just sense the bitterness, like a fine sauce. 

The twist might have been nice – IF THE DAMN ADS FOR THE DVD RELEASE HADN’T SPOILERED IT. sigh I had heard this movie had a cool twist but it was really clear what that was just from commercials.  Even the main menu for the Blu-Ray spoilered it.  So I can’t really get excited about anything else.  Big fights, yay.  They didn’t really work that well for me.  So all in all this movie gets a meh.  Decent way to kill a Saturday night. 

Next up: Either Prince Caspian (which I did read the book, so I’m kinda spoilered) or Baby MamaDark Knight  is in the queue (yeah, I know, didn’t see it in theaters, I suck) but that’s being saved for New Year’s Eve.

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