The Mean Streets of the South Bay

Today was billed as an “urban cycling sampler”.  I liked the idea – after a fair bit of climbing yesterday I was all for a nice flat ride.  But just because it’s flat doesn’t mean that it has to be easy.  Today was a speed day and the numbers back it up.  A 14.5mph average!

I woke up an hour late (8am instead of 7am), so I was rushed going out the door.  I really hate that.  Especially since when that happens I tend to screw something up, which is how the kitties escaped that one time.  But today I took care to make sure I didn’t do anything stupid like that today.  And I also made sure I remembered locking the door so that I didn’t have to go back and check it.  I did end up getting away about 10 minutes later than I wanted to at, leaving at around 9:10am.
The ride to Fremont and Mary was pretty simple.  I don’t quite like the stretch of Mary between Central and El Camino.  It’s listed as a “bike route” but it’s not very comfortable.  I think I see why Google Maps wanted to send me a different route.  I felt a bit under pressure to get there on time…and I pulled in to the parking lot at exactly 9:29am.  That works out well.  For now I think I’ll ride there – the extra 6 miles didn’t hurt.
Now Terri, who plans the rides, seems to REALLY like to make me ride back home at the start.  This time it was EXACTLY the route I take home, going right by Whisman and Gladys (which is how I go home).  Then she made me go to work…as in riding right by Yahoo!.  Then around to Caribbean (which I hadn’t been on before on a bike).  After that it was a bike trail I hadn’t been on before and a lot of urban riding that isn’t really worth describing in detail.  It was a good route, but I couldn’t tell you where we went.  I just did what the Garmin told me.
I will talk about the pace, however.  I made sure to leave with the front group, and my hope was to stick with them until the rest stop at least – and I pretty much did that.  But I was spent.  I left it all on the road.  After the rest break I was much slower.  However, my resulting pace being at 14.5mph over 40 miles – I’ll take that.  

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