Things that annoy me about the iPhone, and I don’t even have one yet…

  1. The iPhone now has voice control (or my 3GS will).  Cool.  It doesn’t work with Bluetooth.  Fail.  Every Bluetooth headset (including my sexy Jawbone Prime) I have supports a command that tells the phone “Hey, the guy wearing me wants to voice dial.”  How in the world could Apple have missed that part?
  2. No To Do app/Task List.  This is FRIGGIN INSANE.  Especially since they HAVE A DESKTOP APP THAT DOES THIS (  I can buy “Things”.  It’s a staff favorite on the App Store and supposedly the best task manager out here for the iPhone.  It’s $10.  I just bought a $300 phone and I need to spend another $10 to get it to do something my Centro and Treo 650 both did?  Oh, and if I want the matching Things desktop app it’s like another large chunk of change.  And it won’t push sync with the cloud.  Eat me, bitches.
  3. No IMAP-based push email.  I could  do MobileMe – but MobileMe isn’t smart.  If MobileMe was smart it’d be like Blackberry works (I think) so that it could go out, log in to your mail account, get the emails and then push them to you.  I don’t want to move all my mail to  I like  And I doubt the email client will be as pure Awesome as Chatter.
  4. I can’t change the sound for my text messages?  I have 6 stock sounds to chose from and that’s it?  Srsly?  Like many folks who work in Operations I use my phone as a pager.  Apple has made the iPhone ill suited for this.
  5. Apple are clearly a bunch of control-freak Nazis that like to shit on their developers.

Items 1-4 are ALL things that I can do on my Centro.  Other things that my Centro can do that the iPhone can’t (yet): Turn by turn directions (Mapopolis still works on my Centro with my bluetooth GPS), Talk to the file system, use flash cards….

Now I suppose you ask: Hey John, if you feel that way why are you getting the iPhone?  It’s sexy – it really is.  The App Store is pure geek porn.  And while I have hope for the Pre it’s just not there yet.  It’s time to upgrade and right now I’m picking the iPhone.

But I’m also waiting for the “Google Ion” to show up on the develop connection – if I can get an unlocked Ion for $400 from Google I will rock that like a hurricane.  

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