HMR – Core Overload

I’ve now completed the 12 weeks of the HMR “core program”.  I will be continuing on into the “ongoing” program, which operationally is just like what I completed – the only difference is the class content.  I will be continuing with my 3 shakes/2 entrees meal plan (averaging about 1100 calories a day) and continuing doing my exercise.  

Over the 12 weeks of core I lost 54 pounds (by the way HMR does math).  The only real complaint I have was that towards the end of the program I hit a two week plateau.  At two weigh-ins in a row I had lost 0 pounds.  This may or may not have been related to the cold I had, but it was very frustrating and I do feel like I didn’t get a lot of support during that time.  It’s very frustrating to do everything like you’re supposed to and see no results.  Also, the plateau means that I didn’t make my hope for an average of 5lb/week during core, but 4.5 isn’t too bad.
Our class, that had about 15 people in it, lost 359 pounds total.  Since I only represented about 6% of the class, but 15% of the weight loss, I assume that I lost more than some people.  They wouldn’t say who lost how much however – it’s not a competition.  (Yeah, right.)
On the exercise front things are improving.  I started off doing no exercise, then 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week, then 35 minutes, then 45 minutes.  Now it’s 45 minutes 4 times a week and soon to be 5.  I also have started working with a personal trainer for strength training, flexibility, and stability.  My stated goal is to start riding a bike soon – then I’ll be working on getting good enough to ride to and from work.    

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