It’s like Watership Down meets MGS4…

Chris showed me the manga before, but I wasn’t in to it.  It was released in the US as Apocalypse Meow, but the Japanese title was Cat Shit One.  The original manga is set in Vietnam.  This is, obviously, Gulf War – although I’ve seen rumors that it is also Iran Hostage Crisis.  (But that wouldn’t make sense with the 1991 time frame.)  I just keep expecting Solid Snake to wander in.   I think it looks very good, and would be fun.  They’ve gone for a very realistic look and it’s just awesome to see some hardcore tactical action offset by…bunnies.

Update: A friend said “whoever came up with that must hate furries”.  I hadn’t even thought of that.  And I wish he hadn’t.  It’s…disturbing.

Update 2: Chris says that there is a rumor that our heroes are part of a PMC.  He then asked, “Does that make this Blackwatership Down?”  When he gets here on Friday I think he’s earned a slap.

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