Killzone 2 – Asskicking. Perfected.


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So these days I’m playing a fair bit of Killzone 2, and I’m pretty happy with it. I suppose part of it is the “new toy” factor – I had gotten burnt out on COD4, and I had left Halo 3 a while ago (although I get tempted to bring it out once in a while).

The game is great. The graphics are just amazing (it’s pretty – it’s oh so pretty) as is the sound design. Having classes to play (meaning ranking up brings more than just new guns) is fun. So far I’ve only unlocked the Medic and Engineer badges but I, as all of the players do, want to get to the Scout badge with the invisibility cloak.

Some folks have said we’ll only be playing this until COD:MW2 comes out. That may be true – but that’s not ’til Christmas and until then this will be a lot of fun.

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