It’s like Watership Down meets MGS4…

Chris showed me the manga before, but I wasn’t in to it.  It was released in the US as Apocalypse Meow, but the Japanese title was Cat Shit One.  The original manga is set in Vietnam.  This is, obviously, Gulf War – although I’ve seen rumors that it is also Iran Hostage Crisis.  (But that wouldn’t make sense with the 1991 time frame.)  I just keep expecting Solid Snake to wander in.   I think it looks very good, and would be fun.  They’ve gone for a very realistic look and it’s just awesome to see some hardcore tactical action offset by…bunnies.

Update: A friend said “whoever came up with that must hate furries”.  I hadn’t even thought of that.  And I wish he hadn’t.  It’s…disturbing.

Update 2: Chris says that there is a rumor that our heroes are part of a PMC.  He then asked, “Does that make this Blackwatership Down?”  When he gets here on Friday I think he’s earned a slap.

Killzone 2 – Asskicking. Perfected.


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So these days I’m playing a fair bit of Killzone 2, and I’m pretty happy with it. I suppose part of it is the “new toy” factor – I had gotten burnt out on COD4, and I had left Halo 3 a while ago (although I get tempted to bring it out once in a while).

The game is great. The graphics are just amazing (it’s pretty – it’s oh so pretty) as is the sound design. Having classes to play (meaning ranking up brings more than just new guns) is fun. So far I’ve only unlocked the Medic and Engineer badges but I, as all of the players do, want to get to the Scout badge with the invisibility cloak.

Some folks have said we’ll only be playing this until COD:MW2 comes out. That may be true – but that’s not ’til Christmas and until then this will be a lot of fun.

This can’t be good…

F1 Ferrari F60 – 05, originally uploaded by r.jonkman.

I know the new rules are there for a reason. And yes, it’s *really* nice to see slicks back. But I am just not liking how the trends are going. That tiny rear wing just looks WRONG, and the huge-ass front wing is MOAR WRONG. As friends have pointed out it will be VERY interesting to see how they do nose changes now that there are either electrical or hydraulic motors in the front wing (so that the driver can change it on the fly).

Also of note is that supposedly the exhaust on the F60 is totally illegal, and that will have to change before they start racing it. But I’m pretty sure they can’t fix the ugly…

Movie reviews: Prince Caspian, Tropic Thunder, Baby Mama

So I’ve been chugging through the movies, so lately I’ve seen:

A lot of folks have said they liked Prince Caspian better than they liked the first movie.  I’m not sure I agree.  While the story is better I found Peter to be annoying in his need to be manly, and I found the faux-romance to be lame as well.  Still, it was a good spectacle.  Visually stunning (until LOTR comes out on Blu-Ray anyway) and a great sound design.

This wasn’t nearly as funny as I thought it would be.  Everyone made such a big deal of Downey’s performance and that was decent.  But if you ask me Tom Cruise stole the show.  He was amazing – they even threw in a tiny tidbit of the “you complete me” speech from Jerry Maguire.  His dance moves during the end credits are at the very least worth a rental.

This one came across as not being as nearly as funny as the trailers.  I guess I was expecting some of the amazing energy from SNL and…it’s not there.  Maybe the format’s not right for them or something, but it wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped, although it was sweet.  Definitely plenty of estrogen in the flick – I felt like watching First Blood or something to cleanse the palate, like a testosterone sorbet…

Next up will be Dark Knight…I didn’t see it in the theater and just got it in Blu-Ray.

Movie review: Hancock

So I know what you’re gonna say – John, this movie came out in July.  What are you, slow?  (Uhm.  Maybe.  But that’s a different topic.)  The fact of the matter is that with the advent of Hypergeek Cinema it really is unlikely that I will go out to see a movie.  With Netflix dropping Blu-Ray movies in the mail to me I prefer to wait and see most flicks at home – these days I get better sound, if not better picture.  So most of my “movie reviews” will be rambling thoughts on the last movie I watched from Netflix.

Anyway, on with the show.  A movie like this is why I’m glad I have Netflix – it was a solid *meh*.  I *loved* Will Smith – he was hilarious as a bitter cranky superhero.  I will assume that the scene at the beginning was part of the “unrated” cut, as it finally deal with the impracticalities of Superman and Lois Lane having sex (you can thank Kevin Smith for that one, I guess).   His sense of humor was right on, and you could just sense the bitterness, like a fine sauce. 

The twist might have been nice – IF THE DAMN ADS FOR THE DVD RELEASE HADN’T SPOILERED IT. sigh I had heard this movie had a cool twist but it was really clear what that was just from commercials.  Even the main menu for the Blu-Ray spoilered it.  So I can’t really get excited about anything else.  Big fights, yay.  They didn’t really work that well for me.  So all in all this movie gets a meh.  Decent way to kill a Saturday night. 

Next up: Either Prince Caspian (which I did read the book, so I’m kinda spoilered) or Baby MamaDark Knight  is in the queue (yeah, I know, didn’t see it in theaters, I suck) but that’s being saved for New Year’s Eve.

Farewell Audi….


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I can understand why Audi is pulling out. Yes, it may have to do with the economy, and do they really have anything left to prove? No. The R8 and R10 have been amazingly successful cars. And I look forward to their R8-ish GT3 entry…but I still would have loved to have seen the R15 tear up the Corkscrew….